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After your web site is up and running, the work doesn't stop. The time you spend on your web site after the initial design is completed is critical to your site's success. The process of keeping up with text changes, making minor format changes, and refreshing content falls under the category of site maintenance. Unfortunately many organizations never plan for this ongoing need when they create their site. Media Concepts can help you stay on top of maintaining your site by providing a fast, convenient. and cost effective site maintenance program. Here's why Media Concepts is the best source for ongoing site maintenance.


To request a change to your site you simply email a brief description of the work you would like done. You can attach documents or graphics too. Media Concepts is the most convenient source for ongoing web maintenance.


Timing is critical in implementing a web project. Most companies simply can't wait 2 weeks for their MIS department to get around to implementing changes to the web site. Media Concepts helps solve this problem by providing guaranteed 72 hour turnaround time on all work for our contracted clients. Now that's service you won't be able to find with other companies. Contact Media Concepts for more detail.


So what happens if the IS department can't get to your changes for two weeks? Often the answer is to go to a consulting firm (Often the one who did the initial site) to do the work. The problem is that you can generally expect to pay at least $60 per hour for the work. Shouldn't you be able to get these changes made reliably without paying hefty hourly rates? We think you should which is why Media Concepts offers some of the lowest rates available for continuing site maintenance. Our hourly rates are as low as $25.00 per hour. Over time, using Media Concepts for your site maintenance can amount to substantial savings. Take a look at our different plans.

Professional Developers

With our reasonable rates, professional work, and lightning fast turnaround there's no longer a need to scramble to find someone who think they know html. Media Concepts is looking forward to making your web site a polished dynamic reflection of your organization. Take a look at some of the web sites we've designed.

Contact Media Concepts if you need fast professional maintenance services.

Custom designs start at $400 for a fully functional web site. And as little as $14.95 per month for hosting and $25 per month for maintenance.

Complete packages which include design, hosting and maintenance start at $89 per month.




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